Artipic 2.5

Gradient preview

The gradient tool now works in a “live” mode so that you can see and adjust a gradient before applying it. A gradient appearance can now be adjusted by dragging it over an image and can be applied when the result looks satisfactory.

Popup sliders

When the user clicks an edit box on a toolbar, a slider pops up. It helps to adjust the parameters easier just by dragging the slider.

Screen panning

It is now possible to easily scroll an image any direction without interrupting an operation. The user just presses and holds the space bar, scroll the image by dragging it, release the space bar and continues the operation.

Manual crop adjustment

It is now possible to fine-tune crop sizes by manually adjusting it via edit boxes / sliders

Proportional transformation

A keyboard shortcut for proportional transformation has been added. You can press and hold the shift button to activation this function.

Toolbar functionality improved

Sets of controls on toolbars are now adjusted so it is much easier to perform operations

Bugs fixed

  • Blur on alpha channel issue fixed
  • Saving layers to a format that doesn’t support layers resolved
  • Insufficient memory issue fixed