Artipic 2.9.1

What's new

This version is designed to boost application performance across multiple operations. You can make up your large photos much faster and with no waiting time for the actions to be applied. The processing time for some operations is now x10 shorter.
Now, all the main actions and tools are optimized to work much quicker, even for high-resolution pictures. For example, filter based functionality got significantly faster – applying Gaussian blur, box blur, shadows and vignettes now takes only a moment, not ages. We have also introduced a new Lanczos based image-resizing tool.
In addition to that we applied other under-the-hood improvements and resolved some bugs based on your feedback.

Other improvements

  • Pen tool appearance organized
  • Crop issue in batch processing fixed
  • Batch processing switch mode issue fixed
  • Multi copy-paste issue fixed
  • Help menu issues fixed